The Creative Life Center Neighborhood

Empowering shift in the magic of community

Creative Life Center Neighborhood

Who is Here?

People who believe in the magic found in community that empowers personal shift and enriches connection to inner guidance.

Presenters shifting to offer online events & classes 

Working in kindred community enables you to move more quickly, easily, and creatively to:

  • Improve skills and experience
  • Navigate and leverage technology
  • Provide impactful online events uniquely tailored to you

People starting a new chapter in life

Rich experiences and heart-centered community are here to empower you to:

  • Connect with who you are
  • Find what brings you alive
  • Create an enjoyable life that fits you

The Creative Life Center Neighborhood is here to help you adapt to a rapidly changing world and be empowered to contribute to the world with your unique talents and abilities.

What You'll Find Inside

  • Free community information, connection, and events
  • A library of free resources
  • Structured programs to move forward with community inspiration and supportive accountability

Now is a great time to come on in and start exploring!

But technology and I aren't good friends...

We see you!  Many people are not tech oriented.  Good-news!  Marcia's engineering background and creative soul work together easily, and she enjoys translating technology so that you feel comfortable using it to connect online.

Online community and experiences give more people the ability to participate and allow greater flexibility to fit participation around life rather than your life having to fit around experiences.

Let's get the shifts started!

Together, we go places, learn, and create in ways that aren't possible on our own.  Thank you for joining us!

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